power supply

guys help me out here...
i am upgrading my old computer (i have the new gaming one but fur internet use and my brother plays sometimes)
he said it is so slow
i have
AMD Athlon XP 3200+
448MB Ram(64 shared)
250W psu
and im thinking to add a graphics card
geforce 5200FX or 5500 or 5700

im not sure that power supply can support it

what d u guys think??

and which graphic card is best in these choices?

for last if i need to change power supply, please give me the good company or the model(really cheap ones)
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  1. That PSU might work but you'd definitely be better of getting a new one. Get at least a 400w, something from FSP would be good, good PSUs and not expensive. If you have the money, get at least a 550wto 600w, you can always use it in another build. Before getting a video card put at least 1GB of RAM in that machine, this will do more than anything to speed up the machine. I wouldn't put much money into the video card give you won't be able to use it in a new build.
  2. man~~
    i dont have the money
    i just bought a new computer and
    my brother is using this
    i guess he should pay for the card..
    i can buy cheap psu below 25$$
    can you tell me the company or the model??
  3. Get this video card - Its only $29 and will work with your 250w power supply.


    It does not used shared memory, so it will even free up a little bit of memory to make your other apps run better.

    Most likely any more powerful of a GPU will be too much for your power supply.
  4. I'm all for brotherly love but if this is his machine now, let him pay for the upgrades. Again, if the machine is running only 400+ MB of RAM, going with a GB will do more than anything to speed it up.
  5. What G-paw said. More RAM will help it most.
  6. okay
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