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Hey, i have searched to forums and havent found anything relavent. Well, I have an 80gb hard drive that is IDE, and I bought a new 320gb SATA harddrive. My motherboard only has 1 IDE master hard drive slot thing and it doesnt have any SATA slots, so I bought an IDE to SATA converter but the motherboard/bios refuses to recognize the new hardrive. It has power and spins, and I have tryed connecting all the different pin combinations on the hard drive to make it the master slave ect...

Any ideas on how to get the hard drive to be recognized?
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  1. Do you have the old 80Gig drive as the master and the converter as a slave?
    If so try disconnecting the 80Gig and just have the converter as the Master.

    If it's still a no-go, either buy a SATA control card or post MoBo and converter (etc) details.
  2. mobo and PSU make and model please
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