copmuter broke!

Heres my setup:
MB ABIT AT8 32X RD580 939
CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ / 2.2 GHz - Socket 939 - L2 1 MB
HD 1T|HITC 7K 32M SATA2 0A35155
MEM 1280mb of ram already installed

Here's my problem:
When I put in the power cord and switch my computer to POWERED it just turns on by itself. The restart button does nothing yet is plugged in. I no longer get any video signal from my computer. And it does not beep as if nothing's wrong. I lost video when I added the super talent memory and switched one of my hard drives for the 1 terabyte one.
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  1. check the power connector is in correctly, what do you mean by turns on by itself?

    also try swapping back any of the older parts like ram, also is the terabyte HDD set to slave/master correctly (assuming its IDE)
  2. Make sure the power button the cpu case is not stuck.
    Take out the 128mb memory stick - it adds little if you added 2GB - it might even slow it down. Make sure the other two sticks are in the first channel - assuming you have dual channel memory - or the first slots AS SPECIFIED BY YOUR MB MANUAL. Is the memory compatible with you MB - either according to the MB or memory manufacturer?
    You say you lost video when you installed new memory and the HD. Did you do both at the same time? If not - after which did the problem occur. If yes, try to get system to operate with just one update. Maybe first go back to old config and see if you can get it to operate then make changes one at a time.
    When you added HD - did you copy the OS to it and make it the boot drive? PLease provide more details on the process you followed - including any special software.
  3. well I put both upgrades in at once but even when I tried the old config it did the same thing. I did not install anything on the tb hdd. I still have to format it. And my computer turns on without hitting the power button.
  4. You PSU maybe bad what PSU do you have.
    and get rid of that 128 stick.
  5. sound like a dead mobo
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