Do some of u guys have this problem too ?

When i play any games (even when i played it with my 7900GTX ) i had a periodic 1 second graphic lag , i dont mean my games lag , no , i mean for example when i played MOH:AIRBORNE , well the game runs very good , but for example when i am dropping off from plane or i am walking , i have many lags which only last 1 second(as i said , PERIODIC 1 second lag ) , what is the problem ?

i had this problem with my 7900GTX as i said , also i had 163.44 driver for VGA ,so i thought it was for the Driver, so i uninstalled it and installed 162.18 , but still the same ( i am using xp 64)
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  1. no one ?
  2. Ummmm... your question is unclear and could result from many problems.

    1. The game you are playing is loading something to your vid card memory, computer memory, or from Hard Drive and it is slow.
    2. Your processor is pausing to save the game.
    3. You don't have enough power to power the parts.
    4. Your parts are over heating or unstable.

    From looking at your system spec, it should be fine in terms of requirements, so my guess is #4? If you can clarify the problem, is it any game, just MoH:Air, computer temperature / specs?
  3. Most likely, the game is loading the next map/area, so it lags as it has to read the larg file from the hard drive. Try adding RAID 0.

    Or your video card doesn't have enough memory to load the entire level into memory so it loads it in chunks.

    Try using a friends high end Graphics card and see if it goes away, if not try adding RAID 0, or a Raptor HD.
  4. There can be many causes for this.

    for one thing some games load in real time(most mmo's do this and such lag is not a problem, in a FPS the map should be fully loaded before play, but who knows) so there may be a lag when it loads the next section of the game into your video ram.

    You could also be running out of ram and your computer is paging.

    You could have a process out in windows that is stealing priority for a second now and then.

    Your virus scanner can also be scanning parts(files) of the game as they load(real time protection)

    With your system specs its kind of surprising...
  5. with those system specs i would say the game is loading another part of the level. like in fear (pauses periodically to save or is a checkpoint)
  6. well thanx for all replies, as i said in MOH:AIR BORNE ,when i am dropping off from the plane , i have some of those lags , so this could be that its loading right ?

    guys i found this in notebookreview :

    Open the nVidia control panel, go to "Advanced 3D Settings," and set "Threaded Optimization" to "Off." I had the exact same problems you're discussing, and this fixed it for me.

    i will do and will see what happens ?

    also isnt it because i have an old LCD? (i myself dont think so , but it maybe , because its 5 years old)
  7. well it is fixed , i turned off THREAED OPTIMIZATION and everything is very good now , and now i have some STOPS in normal situations like Check points or when the map changes but they dont affect my gaming :D
  8. well , they are back , and i dont know what to do , i was recently looking @ MOA :AIRBORNE extra features and there was a scene in it about jumping out the plane and that video had the same issue too , so could it be the games problem ? well to be honest this 1 second lags dont hurt my gaming ,:D but i wanted to know the reason of it
  9. As soon as i read what you said about jumping out of the plane i remembered the demo videos...its the game(i saw it in the video too). Thats is a massive area to render and i am sure it loads higher rez textures as you fall.....

    Hows the battle on the ground?
  10. the battle on ground is very well , there may be very few on the ground
  11. Using XP 64 too :D on my PC (GTS 320, NeoHE 500, E6400, 2 Gigs of ram) and I experience no problems on MoH: Airborne. (Some FPS drops into the 30-40s but the motion blur effect is so good that I dont care :P)
  12. as i said isnt it because i have an old monitor ?

    also i am using SP1 ,
  13. I have an old screen too, 17" Samsung SyncMaster 793s CRT (3 years old since I bought it), but one thing you might be right? I'm using 163.67 drivers (beta released 3 or 4 days ago) and X64 SP2.
  14. i had 163.44 then i deleted it and installed 162.18 , i will download 163.67 now and will post the results , also i will get SP2 soon and will post the results ,

  15. kk good luck :P
  16. Make sure you have the latest drivers,with that setup its sad to have any
  17. bad news guys , i installed 163.67 and its still the same , tomorrow i am going to install SP2 and will see what happens, by the way should i set THREADED OPTIMIZATION to AUTO again or let it be OFF ?

    btw i tried it on VISTA(ultimate) 32 too , still the same
  18. You can turn down some will not be too noticable...

    Decals - there are less bullet holes....mehh
    Character detail - med (not too notcable)

    Post processing....well if the motion blur anoys you...simple makes it go away.....thank makes me feel sick anyway........
  19. well i have bought a 8800GTX to max out everything :D , but its ok about post processong , i will set it to simple and also i will try OFF and will tell u what will happen
  20. well there are many other users who has this problem too :

    and turning OFF the thread optimization has worked for some of them but not for all , so i guess i am not the one who has this problem :(

    EDIT : I TURNED OFF POST PROCESSING and its still the same
  21. hmmm...i have no idea what to suggest...

    i use the x1950 pro and i dont see any issues with it.
  22. If you're having the problem when playing online I would consider punkbuster as a possible cause. Their newest software is a piece of crap* causing all kinds of problems. I believe it was automatically installed with a lot of games in August. You will see one or some processes running like pnkbstrA, pnkbstrB. PnkbstrA gets automatically added to you're startup and will be present when you are not gaming. Admittedly it seems to do nothing but when you are gaming it loads pnkbstrB which will keep you're hard drive busy the whole time you game. If you have ever tried to do a virus scan or defrag while gaming you would recognize the kind of lag this produces.

    *I don't take calling some one's software a piece of crap lightly but feel it is warranted.
  23. yes i have pnkbstra in tskmgr , i disabled , still the same
  24. OMG.....forgot about PB......has caused HELL in wolf ET...seems ok for ETQW....

    Either way i am playing the game...but that post processing pissed me off to no does having to exit the game to change settings....

    I have not noticed those 1 second lags but fps getting into the 40s(jumping out of the plane) kind of sucks....I am extremely sensative to fps drops of 60-50....but if it ran 30 solid(GTA with frame limmiter) i would barly notice...its seems to be the drops that are noticable not the fps itself...
  25. i couldnt get X64 SP2 today , but i will get it tomorrow and will see what happens , any other suggestions ?
  26. nothing else i can think of......this game is what i was hoping ETQW would be :)
  27. Set everything to medium and set processing off , still the same :(
  28. Is your problem online/offline or both?
  29. i play offline (due to the problems we have in IRAN )
  30. today i bought WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL 64 CORPORATE EDITION , is it good ?
  31. well i installed it , its SP1 but i can update DX9 now which i couldnt with the last one , and now i am installing MOH:AIRBONRE and will tell you what happened
  32. Keep us posted
  33. still the same , but now i am going to try other games like FEAR , BF2142 ,LOST PLANET and will post the results tomorrow ,
  34. awesome news guys , just ran LOSTPLANET : EXTREME CONDITION with everything maxed out +eye candy @ 1280x1024 , and no lags

    ran BF2142 , and no lags , so there isnt any problem with my rig , so is the game ?
  35. well it must be....if other games are good.....Maybe enough people will complain about it and they will figure out and patch it...

    Did you see how big Market Garden was when jumping out of the plane....WOW poor fps for that jump.... its good on the ground...
  36. yeah

    btw thanx for all the help guys
  37. good news guys , today i download 163.69 driver , and although i have lags but they are very few now , :d :)
  38. good good...

    Here is a link to what i see using my 1950pro.

    the massive drop in fps is cause of fraps being used at the same time :)

    do you lag as soon u jump out?
  39. well in some missions yes , in some missions when i become nearer to ground i have , also i can open youtube :( its filtered in IRAN :(
  40. now thats a very new driver :)

    Hmmmmmm better ETQW hmmmmm guess i better try this :)

    @ blade85 - I am at that lvl too....well i just beat it....
  41. @maziar: oh right...i forgot about the filtering. They have in Saudi Arabia aswell. Any site which isnt filtered? Or i'll just upload it somewhere and give you a direct link to download it if i can.

    @Nuke: Yeah i finished that recently. Havnt had a go at the next round just yet. Been busy finishing off bioshock lol! finished it yesterday.
  42. I beat the game yesterday(Airborne not bioshock)...I love the detail in that game....
  43. true, looks nice, playes nice.

    Now im waiting for UT3 and crysis :D
  44. yes upload it somewere if u can , lol i finished AIRBORNE sooner than u nuke :D , it was awesome , i love it
  45. I have no idea which uploading is blocked there as

    here is one:

    There is nothing special about it, but maybe its a 8800 thing? Anyone else with a 8800 having any issues with lag?
  46. blade85 said:
    Been busy finishing off bioshock lol! finished it yesterday.

    would you kindly give me everything you own? :lol: (you never know, it might be real!)
  47. this new 163.69 driver is very good , i have very few lags
  48. thats interesting, I hadn't noticed it was out
  49. to blade , thanx for your link , well mine is somehow better than yours ,u have those little lags too , but i think u dont notice them , u see when u drop from the plane then look @ the ground , u will see very little lags , but you lags are few like mine
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