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New motherboard + old HDD = Windows Fresh Install?

I'll buy a new motherboard with video card, cpu and memory but I will keep the old HDD. My old mobo is burnt so I can't boot the PC. I want to do a fresh install on C:\ but I have some data that I need. I have a few ideas but I don't know if they'll work.
1)Can I use Windows XP Live USB edition to boot with the new mobo, copy the data from C: to another partition and then do a clean Windows install(well, only the C: partition)?
2)What if I do a Windows Repair Install, copy the data from C:\ to another drive and then do a clean install?(I don't think this is a good option because the user settings and program files will be deleted and I want to keep them so I will know what apps will I have to install.)

Thanks in advance!
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    Live USB boot will be better choice, it saves lot of time rather than wasting time to repair the OS which is only for recovering the datas..
  2. Wow, thanks for the quick answer!
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