Is my 8800GTS 320mb or 640mb?

I purchased my 8800GTS graphics card believing it to be 320mb, evrything on the box and description said 320mb, but, when I run diagnostic programmes on my comp its reported at 640mb! Have they put the wrong card in the wrong box or am I reading things wrong? River Tuner reports 320-bit G80 (A2,96sp) with 640mb DDR3. I have pasted results from Riva Tuner below, please help.

$ffffffffff NVIDIA specific display adapter information
$ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
$0100000000 Graphics core : NV50/G80 revision A2 (96sp)
$0100000001 Hardwired ID : 0190 (ROM strapped to 0193)
$0100000002 Memory bus : 320-bit
$0100000003 Memory type : DDR3 (RAM configuration 00)
$0100000004 Memory amount : 655360KB
$0100000100 Core clock domain 0 : 540.000MHz
$0100000101 Core clock domain 1 : 1296.000MHz
$0100000006 Memory clock : 792.000MHz (1584.000MHz effective)
$0100000007 Reference clock : 27.000MHz
$010000000d Thermal diode inaccuracy : 1110b
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  1. vista or xp ?
  2. XP Home edition OS
  3. download EVEREST ULTIMATE EDITION and see what it says
  4. Ok will do
  5. check out dxdiag too.. looks like you got jipped!
  6. jipped? how so?
  7. How much did you pay for your card and what does the box the card came in say? What brand and from where did you make the purchase?
  8. Lucky chap!

    Still, 640 cards aren't really that much better than 320 cards - shame they didn't give you a GTX instead :)
  9. Have downloaded Everest and to be honest I cant find any info on my Graphics card at all?????
  10. Its BFG 8800GTS bought from PC World, came in all BFG packing even had the BFG T shirt in the box, BUT, it also comes with a programme called XpertVision which is a small overclocking thing that allows you to increase the mhz in both cores. When I contacted BFG about this they said I had not bought a BFG card but I had bought an XpertVision card. I visited their website and my 8800GTS dont look anything like theirs although they only seem to seel the 640mb card. I am as confused as hell!!
  11. how much did you pay?
  12. £185 web only price, should have been £225
  13. go to RUN in start menu, type dxdiag, then click "Display", it will say Total Memory : *size*
  14. Have done that and it states that approx total memory 640.0MB
  15. Well then you are lucky if you got it for £185.
  16. well then its 640mb, thats worth prob 60$ more than 320mb. Never heard of xpertvision though. Looks like sketchy, it seems you might have gotten a returned card that was repackaged into a BFG box and sold.??
  17. yes you could be right but you would expect a reputable company like PC World to get it right and doesnt it come under trade discription?? Hmmmmm
  18. My friend has got a BFG 8800GTS card and we put it in my comp to run in SLI mode but we couldnt get it to work, this may explain why
  19. You might want to check what kind of warranty you get with it since BFG said its not their card. Might be better to send it back and get another one just for the warranty? Does it look like the BFG cards on their website, pretty sure they all look like that with the BFG branding.?
  20. Yes it looks exactly like my friends card came with the T shirt and everything
  21. And BFG said it wasnt their card? lol - id call them back, make sure you get the warranty, then keep it.
  22. Open EVEREST ULTIMATE EDITION , ---> DISPLAY ----> GPU , and here u will see the specs
  23. Quick! OC it!
  24. Mugz said:
    Quick! OC it!

    an appropriate comment given your "Here endeth the warranty, and pass that fire extin(guisher I assume)" part next to ur name
  25. Mispackaging definitely happens; I got a superclocked 8800 GTS in a regular 8800 GTS box. Getting extra memory sure seems like an extreme case though.

    I guess as long as it's in our favor we should just count our blessings.
  26. The trouble is I want to SLI the buggers and I dont know what other card to pair my existing one up with!!
  27. so did u try EVEREST ULTIMATE ?
  28. Ananan said:
    Mispackaging definitely happens; I got a superclocked 8800 GTS in a regular 8800 GTS box. Getting extra memory sure seems like an extreme case though.

    I guess as long as it's in our favor we should just count our blessings.

    unless they then claim the warranty is invalid
  29. spuddyt said:
    unless they then claim the warranty is invalid

    I reigistered my card's SSN right away so I don't think they'd have a case if my GPU failed. I'm assuming you're thinking they could claim you're trying to return a different card.
  30. I haven't looked at the legality, it just seemed the kind of thing that might happen in a worst case scenario
  31. on the back of the card there should bea little sticker that says the model and ****.
  32. I have been in touch with BFG and they want the serial number off the back of the card so will take the thing out and send it to them and see what they say, what a blooming palava
  33. Yes downloaded Everest and it states 640mb
  34. so lucky u :) , u get a 640 for a very good price
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