OC'ing e6570 but what memory?

I'm planning on building a new PC next week, but I had a few last questions to clear up. Here's what I'm looking at right now:

GA-P35C-DS3R mobo
C2D e6750 (I'd like to OC to around 3.0ghz...whatever I can get that's stable and runs cool.)
---Tuniq T-120 (cooler)
EVGA 8800GTX @575mhz (I'd like to OC this some eventually too.)
---Thermalright HR-03+ (cooler)
WD Raptorx 150GB @10000rpm
Antec Neopower 650W (Should be enough...)

I'm wondering about RAM though. I don't want to get Vista (at least yet.) I do mostly gaming on my PC, and I'd like it to last me at least a few years. (I'd get an OEM WinXP 64 bit for the 4GBs...I believe I have too.)

Should I go with 2x1 GB at 1066, 4x1 GB at 1066, or 2x2 GB at 800. Does 4 GB's vs 2 GB's make much difference for gaming? Sometimes I like to play other music in the background while I play...will the extra RAM help? Also, for OC'ing the cpu...is 4x1 at 1066 better than 2x2 at 800 or vice versa?

I'm trying to keep this PC as close to $2000 (buying from newegg), but still want it powerful and able to last me a while. I want to run games like Crysis and UT3 with no problems what-so-ever. More FPS the better. I also have older games I want to run well, so that's why I'm staying away from Vista. The DX10 eye candy doesn't justify performance loss on older games.

Any help/tips would be great. Thanks.
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  1. i say get either 2x2gb DDR2 800 or 4x1gb DDR2 1066,

    DDR2 800 is very good for OC'ng , DDR2 1066 is also good for Extreme OC's

    As i said both 4x1gb and 2x2gb are good , if i were u i would go with 4x1gb , (maybe other say go for 2x2gb because its a little better for OC'ng also if u want to add 8GB soon , have 2 empty slots )

    Again u wont be disappointed with either of them
  2. It looks like you best bet is 2x2GB DDR2 800. The multiplier on that processor is 8x, so with an FSB of 400 you´d be running at 3.2GHz. If you set the RAM to run with a 1:1 ratio to your FSB it would be running at exactly 800MHz, hence my recommendation of DDR2 800. Be careful of that high voltage Cas 4 stuff though, it could cause problems in some motherboards.
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