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OC'ing e6570 but what memory?

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September 15, 2007 9:09:02 AM

I'm planning on building a new PC next week, but I had a few last questions to clear up. Here's what I'm looking at right now:

GA-P35C-DS3R mobo
C2D e6750 (I'd like to OC to around 3.0ghz...whatever I can get that's stable and runs cool.)
---Tuniq T-120 (cooler)
EVGA 8800GTX @575mhz (I'd like to OC this some eventually too.)
---Thermalright HR-03+ (cooler)
WD Raptorx 150GB @10000rpm
Antec Neopower 650W (Should be enough...)

I'm wondering about RAM though. I don't want to get Vista (at least yet.) I do mostly gaming on my PC, and I'd like it to last me at least a few years. (I'd get an OEM WinXP 64 bit for the 4GBs...I believe I have too.)

Should I go with 2x1 GB at 1066, 4x1 GB at 1066, or 2x2 GB at 800. Does 4 GB's vs 2 GB's make much difference for gaming? Sometimes I like to play other music in the background while I play...will the extra RAM help? Also, for OC'ing the 4x1 at 1066 better than 2x2 at 800 or vice versa?

I'm trying to keep this PC as close to $2000 (buying from newegg), but still want it powerful and able to last me a while. I want to run games like Crysis and UT3 with no problems what-so-ever. More FPS the better. I also have older games I want to run well, so that's why I'm staying away from Vista. The DX10 eye candy doesn't justify performance loss on older games.

Any help/tips would be great. Thanks.

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September 15, 2007 9:18:29 AM

i say get either 2x2gb DDR2 800 or 4x1gb DDR2 1066,

DDR2 800 is very good for OC'ng , DDR2 1066 is also good for Extreme OC's

As i said both 4x1gb and 2x2gb are good , if i were u i would go with 4x1gb , (maybe other say go for 2x2gb because its a little better for OC'ng also if u want to add 8GB soon , have 2 empty slots )

Again u wont be disappointed with either of them
September 15, 2007 1:18:57 PM

It looks like you best bet is 2x2GB DDR2 800. The multiplier on that processor is 8x, so with an FSB of 400 you´d be running at 3.2GHz. If you set the RAM to run with a 1:1 ratio to your FSB it would be running at exactly 800MHz, hence my recommendation of DDR2 800. Be careful of that high voltage Cas 4 stuff though, it could cause problems in some motherboards.