How to make 8800 overclock only when playing games???

I was wondering if it was possible to only have my vid card oc during game play and even be underclocked when im not playing games...any ideas???
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  1. Yes, You can use rivatuner. It lets you set the clock speeds seperately in 2d and 3d mode.
  2. ATI tool works as well. Very user friendly in finding your card's OCing potential.

    Then you save it as an OCed gaming profile. It only takes 2 clicks to get into.
  3. ryanthesav, go to, and go to the Rivatuner Forum, here:

    There you have all the help you need.

    It's true about Ati Tool too, its a very friendly app, not as complete as Rivatuner, but very good. I can't use it because its driver is not signed, and Vista 64 doesn't accept it. Rivatuner works like a charm.
  4. nTune will allow you to do it as well. You can actually set up profiles for specific games settings if I remember correctly.
  5. Why do you say that? I have always been pleased with it.
  6. nTune sucks managing profiles. Rivatuner FTW. In my G15 the monitoring works like a charm.
  7. thanx guys...u are all great!!!
  8. RIVATUNER is alot better than NTUNE, NTUNE sucks !
  9. Ntune = crashes. It is the epitome of instability.
  10. I never used it but I did use rivatuner, and that was pretty user friendly
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