Weird PSU Temp Readings?

I recently built a new computer with a Seasonic S12 430W PSU. Everything is fine and stable, but when I bring up SensorView, the PSU(AUX label) is idling at 38C. I thought that was a bit high and I used SpeedFan to confirm the reading. Under load the temp reading can go as high as 58C. My case is an Antec P182 and I have a fan sitting right in front of the PSU. Under load(Orthos) the reading goes as high as 58C...but the air coming out the PSU is relatively cool. Am I getting a whack reading or is something really wrong?



EDIT: Nevermind...turned out to be the Motherboard...ech...
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  1. You're doing better than my system. I don't monitor temps anymore, and my power supply blows out warm air. I have a super lanboy antec case with 2 120mm fans. Alot depends on your room temp. Mine is at 85 f, so I don't expect the system temps to fall below 40c. It's summertime. 58c isn't that high for load temps.
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