Physically broken SATA connector on drive; where to get new board

This weekend, I had removed my 320GB hard drive from one case in preparation for moving it to another. I was working in a clean area, but on the floor. Unfortunately, before mounting it, I lost my balance and stepped on the [still attached] SATA cable, breaking off the connector. I was not able to glue it back on. The drive is otherwise fine. Seagate tech support says they don't sell parts, but all this drive needs is a new interface board. Any idea where I might get one? I can cannibalize a new drive, but I'd like not to have to waste a drive doing that.
Data recovery is not an issue, as I had a reasonable backup. I just want to be able to use the drive.

PS. One option I'd consider (but would be concerned about noise issues) is cutting open a spare SATA cable and soldering it directly to the contacts. Is this the only way?
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  1. Some had had luck sticking the part and connector back in and gluing it solid to the drive....The part thats broken acts as a spacer to make sure the contact from the sata connectors touch....gluing the outside so it can not un plug may work...

    I have also seen people bust USB connectors in much the same way....and in most cases they work even with the part missing. You just dont want to move the cable at all....

    A good solder joint should work....there should not be any more noise then a regular connector(I assume you mean electrical noise...)....just make sure not to heat up other parts too much(would suck to unsolder something else....)....
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