I Think I Found My Perfect Case, But....

So I found a Lian Li case which I think would be perfect for the space that I'm putting it in and supports 120cm fans.


Now Lian Li also sells a VGA cooler called the BS-02 that they include in some cases but not in this one. Looking at all the pictures it looks like it would fit just fine. But can someone comfirm this?


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  1. Yes it will fit np. Most of the Lian LI cases can use them. Also see the Bad English on the Pic at Newegg. "Available for Lian Li New cooling Kit" Also if you check out Lian Li's site, look up that case, and it will show you the BS-02 as an accessory. I used to sell Lian Li, they are awesome cases. :)
  2. You can also clearly see the screw holes for it....so your good to go.
  3. It should fit, most stuff is fits anything nowadays. All lian li cases look identical (nice though), but what is with those ugly wheels on the larger cases?
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