URGENT!!Strange PSU problem-help needed.

I got a new pc which I made myself.These are my specs:
Abit IP 35 PRO
2gb ******** ram
8800GTS 640 OC
Corsair 620HX

When I installed all my parts,I tried to check my watercooling system by bridging the green and black pins on the PSU's rail,and it worked fine.After that I tried to open my pc,but nothing happened,it didnt boot.The leds on the mobo are not lighting and everything is plugged in correctly.I tried again with removing all un-nessecary parts that needed power but again nothing happened.I bridged the pins using the paperclip again,to see if watercooling was still working(The PSU was connected ONLY with watercooling)and it worked fine.Then I swapped PSU's.My old Coolermaster 450W worked fine on my new pc(everything working normally)and the Corsair PSU worked fine with my old PC.What is the problem?
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  1. I just gave it another try,nothing happened again,but the PSU is making a soft "tac tac tac"noise which I havent noticed yesterday.Any thoughts?
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