Which MB for my new Rig?

I've been posting like crazy around the forums trying to get info on what stuff to buy (hoping to buy stuff this weekend) and I've gotten some great answeres that have helped me out. Unfortunately the 1 area I still dunno what to do is my Motherboard. I'm not sure if I should get a P35 Gigabyte or Asus which are out now and have been out for a while, or wait a few days and get an X82 that will be out any time now. I hear the only new boards for now will be Gigabyte but that isn't a bad thing since they make good boards.

Any thoughts? BTW I'm considering an Antec SOLO, P182, or Sonata III case so please tell me if I will have any issues fitting stuff in.

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  1. by X82 i think u mean X38,

    Get X38 if u want to use CrossFire in 2x16x mode , also it supports PCIE2 (P35 also supports it ),

    P35 supports next gen 45nm CPUs , x38 does as well
  2. So the only benefit really is the 2x16x PCIE2?

    Any idea about when they will hit the streets?

    I also heard that the first ones out will have an old "revision 1" chip set in them for the first couple weeks. Then the Revison 2's will start shipping. have you heard anything about this?


    PS thanks for the the typo correction :)
  3. I did not read about this "revision 1" chipset. What is this all about?
  4. rev x
    is bios updates for mainboards
  5. Oh its a bios update? So even if I get the Rev 1 I can simply update the BIOS later? I was under the impression it was a hardware thing
  6. yes its bios updates and look her for example in the comparison sheet made by GIGABYTE
  7. My understanding is each revision involves minor physical changes (improvements) to the MB.

    In your example, the 965P-DS4 has revisions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.3 The URL below gives a explanation o this Rev 3.3

  8. WR2 has been making various suggestions in the "building your system forum" which I have a large post with all my parts and thoughts on my new rig. Its here if you'd like to take a look at whats been suggested so far. From what I've seen I think I'm getting really great advice.

    Anyways (sorry I went off on a tangent there) WR2 on that other forum section suggested that instead of waiting for the new X38's which may have quirks in it, cost more, and doesn't show much of a performace increase at this time I should instead go ahead and pick up a motherboard now. He suggested the Abit IP-35 Pro and from the reviews it seems like a great board for me. My current board is an Abit IC7 and the thing has never given me any problems so that makes me confident in getting another Abit board. I'm going to take a closer look at its features tonight, but I think its fine. It supports 2 graphics cards apparently although not as well as the new boards will, but honestly, I've always prefered 1 big super card to 2 smaller ones anyways.
  9. Here is a thread with some talk about the X38 and the Revision 1 hardware at launch vs Rev 2 shortly after launch.


    This isn't where I originally read about this but its what I found the fastest. Since I saw it somewhere else first its obviously talked about in several locations throughout the tech community.
  10. I am align with you on my new rig. Please refer to a message I posted an hour ago:


    I bought a P182 case and it's great. It costs more and it is great looking and functional as well. For PSU, I chose Cosair-620W.
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