looking for good 19" widescreen LCD

I am planing to buy a new computer and with it a new display. 19-20" will be perfect and i would like it to be widescreen. I will be playing games and also do some work in 3D apps like Maya. My budget is $300 +- $50. For the resolution - i will ask you for help. I have seen 1440x900 and 1680x1080 displays. The second is generally better, but won`t it be too much for some serious gaming? (the pc will be something like "core 2 duo 6750, GF8800 GTS 320MB, 2GB ram 800Mhz").
Thank you for your help in advance.
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  1. With your price range, you could actually get a 22" LCD with native resolution (1680x1050) that your 8800GTS320 should be able to handle for games (assuming you don't require ultra settings).

    Take a look at:

    I actually just got one today in preparation for a new build I have yet to order, but I did hook it up to my older computer and it's a beauty.
  2. Yeah the samsung monitor is really great. Can you post a couple LCDs in the price range $250-$300, so i have more pliability when building the complete system?
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