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We all know Adobe Photoshop dominates the photo editing programs due to many things. I am no expert, and ill want some advice from you. I need a good yet simple photo editing program. Photoshop and CorelDRAW is way to advanced for me. I did a bit of research, and found several good photo editing programs. I found GIMP, GIMPhoto , GIMPshop, Picasa and Paint.NET. I would want to know any advice of which is should pick through the selections of GIMP, GIMPhoto, GIMPshop ,Picasa and paint.NET. Please provide me advice to help me choose a photo editor through the selections. Feel free to add and alternatives.
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    GIMP is pretty popular but I'd take a look at PhotoScape. I love it's screen capture feature and group renaming. I also like it's batch editor for resizing groups of pictures.
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