Zalman N/S-B Heatsinks for 680i

I got the XFX 680i LT and the motherboard fans are damn noisy, Ill be WC'ing so I don't need 2 slots, but need alternate n/s bridge coolers to get rid of this damn noise.

Think that'll do for both? Idk if it will be good enough to dissipate the heat on the notherbridge, I'll probably have it set to 1.5volts. Any other options?

Case is Stacker 830 with 4x 50CFM side fans so air flow really isnt an issue, case is always at room temp.

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  1. I've seen that heatsink pop up on a few different websites. Never really looked into the performance reviews of it though.

    One heatsink that straight up rocks is the Swiftech 159-CU. The Thermalright and Noctua sinks perform better but take up a LOT more room... that and i've always had a thing for pure copper. :D

  2. Doesnt look very nice..
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