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Chrome has been announcing that Chrome has a built in Flash Player. Does that mean a can delete my separate Flash Player as Chrome has in right in their 180MB? Or does it just mean Chrome will update it for you automactially? Or if theirs in specific reason i never posted, don't hesitate to tell me. Thank you!
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  1. Chrome has the flash plugin installed by default. You can disable this if you want to try out beta versions of flash.
  2. سرویس گوگل پلی و مسنجر قطع میباشد
  4. You can uninstall the Flash Player (Flash Player ActiveX) in Control Panel > Programs & Features (Windows Vista/7) without "breaking" Chrome's built-in version, but doing so will mean you won't be able to run Flash content in Internet Explorer (you'll be prompted to re-install it when you visit a page which contains Flash content).

    Chrome's built-in version gets updated on a regular basis automatically and silently as part of the Chrome system updates.
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