Is the Cooler Master ATC-111 still a good case?

So I going to build a new system and I have a dusty empty Cooler Master ATC-111 such as

Is this case still good in this day and age with the current generation of Intel CPU's or do I need to change the case?
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  1. a case is a case is my opionion, all i would do is keep it and dust and vacum the inside so its nice a sparkly clean. But if you want to make your friends jealous of your tight lookign case, this is the one, unless you want lgihts and **** in it then no.
    BTW id use it if it had good ventalation.
  2. Yup, that's what I thought, a case is a case.

    I remember though when I got that case back in 2003 there was a lot of change in the area of cases, I guess not much has changed since then.
  3. Wow, cool stainless steel look. I actually like this case. Would have never guessed it to be an oldie. Just polish it, clean it out, and install some new fans. Good as new.
  4. A case is a case...

    As long as the on/off switch works and you have enough air flow to keep things cool... it really doesn't matter....
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