Carrying RAID 0 to a new mobo?

Hi, i'm fairly adept at overclocking etc... and can setup a RAID array no probs, but i'm unsure if you can keep all my data when i get a new mobo (ASUS X38 P5E)? (currently in RAID 0)

Is every RAID controller slightly different so i can't keep my current data?

No probs if i can't i do have everything copied onto my external HDD it's just a bit of bother reinstalling all my games and d/l'ing everything of steam again :(. Tiz only 80Gb of games, but still thats time wasted when i could be overclocking my E8400 :).

This probably has been asked before, but i can't work out which word combo i need to get google to bring up what i need. Any help appreciated ;).
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  1. I am assuming that the RAID array does not contain your operating system. If it does you should re-install your OS when you move to a new motherboard - life will just be easier!

    RAID Controllers are different you will have the best chance of being able to take the array to a new motherboard if the new board has the same (or later generation) controller. Otherwise all you can do is try moving the controller and try.

    I would not even try to move the array. I'd build the array in the new machine and re-install everything.
  2. I do have my os on the RAID array, but thats no probs just get that damned annoying register x64 again :(.

    Think i might do a clean install, (my d/l speed has been bumped up recently so won't take me weeks to d/l games off 'Steam') but it's good to know these things out of curiosity. Thanks.
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