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How do I make a Canon BJ-10sx printer work with Vista?

Windows Vista does not appear to have drivers for a Canon BJ-10sx printer. Does anybody know where I can get suitable drivers from and how to install them? (Canon says they can't supply drivers.)
Thank you.
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    The BJ-10sx printer is very old and was designed for use with windows 95 or 98 -- so may not work properly with newer windows versions -- the oldest canon driver supported by Vista is the BJ30 series so you might try installing that and see if the printer works using it.

    If that does not work then I'd suggest buying a new printer instead -- you can get much better quality prints from even a cheap $20 -$30 inkjet - like this $20 Lexmark

    Though for black and white printing on normal paper I'd suggest a cheap laser printer like this for $50 samsung -- since the ink lasts much longer (inkjet cartridges tend to dry out where lasers use a powdered toner so for occasional use (since you still have an old BJ10 I assume you do not print much !!) the laser would be a better choice in the long run.
  2. Thanks for the info. JDFan.

    I know the BJ-10 series is very old, as I have had one for nearly 20 yrs.!! The attraction is that it is small, portable & cheap to run, unlike modern printers. No, I don't print that much but I often need to print when away from home, hence the portability requirement.

    The BJ-10sx does all I want with its drivers on WIN XP but will not work properly with the BJ-30 drivers on Vista. If I can't get proper drivers for it on Vista, I'll have to buy a replacement but that's not my preference.
  3. That's exactly my point of view.

    The B-10SX is small and fits everywhere.

    No drivers ??? No Hope ?

    I'm at
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