good cheap power supply

hellow everyone~

i want to ask you guys about good power supplys
i have 250W which is really sucks...
i want to get between 250 and 400w psu
do you guys know good brands or cheap psus?

(i just looked at the antec basiq? 380W and it was 40$ is it good?)
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  1. Umm.. where do you live?

    This one is around 45$ here in Scandinavia. It's 600W 2x20AMP (+12va & +12vb)

    You probobly won't find a cheaper more powerful PSU that this, the brand is totally unknown but I've only heard good things about it on various forums. Thats why I bought one my self. :)
  2. Stupid question maybe, but does it have outlets for SATA drives (those flat power cables) and for PCI Express GFX cards?
  3. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, here in America, a raw deal is where you get cheated.
  4. is it going into a Generic PC case etc? or a name brand like Dell etc...
    I have used the Antec Basiq 350w which i think i paid $40 and it works well and is built pretty well.

    Are you only looking to spend $40-$50 ?

    This 350w for $60 is one of the only ones with Active PFC, and a single 12v rail of 26amps.
    You do however have to use the adapter for SATA but its worth it.

    There are so many, just tell us what your setup is like and how much you want to spend.
  5. FSP has a nice 400w PSU for $39 at NewEgg.
  6. I live in the UK, so can't compare my price to yours, but it never pays to get a cheap PSU. you should try OCZ, Cosair or FSP
  7. For cheap, the minimum I'd go is this (see sig.) I mean, you don't want "burn down your house" cheap, I'm guessing.
  8. i have intel e4400 , 2g ram, 320 hdd geforce 8600gt
    i use it for little bit of gaming and usually video convert and more stuff..
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