why does my geforce 8800 gtx xxx hard freezes my comp all the time?

i am hoping this is a hardware setting issue. when playing newer fps games like doom 3, quake 4, stalker, prey, and bioshock, my pc does what i believe is called a "hard freeze". everything just stops completely. the older the game is, the more rare the freezes are. it performs perfectly with really old games such as unreal and unreal tournament 1/2k3/2k4. this gives me the idea that more resource-hungry games put an added strain on my card, causing my system to shut down as a safety measure.

has anyone had a problem like this? what specs do you need from me to help diagnose the prob? yes, i've upgraded to the latest drivers. what can cause this? i paid $600+ for this thing and i'd like to see it work.

thanks in advance.

here are a few sys specs:

2 gb ram
conroe e6600 core2 duo
nvidia mobo.. p5n32 sli
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  1. What is your PSU? How much amp is the 12v providing? have you run any memory test to check on your memory?
  2. psu is 730 watt. as far as how many amps the 12v is pulling, how would i find that out?
  3. also, quake 4 freezes are rare, but they happen. bioshock and stalker freeze like almost after 5 mins of play.
  4. It should say the 12 power on the side of the power supply. Also, find out what brand the PSU is.
  5. my bad.. it's actually a 700w supply from OCZ (gamexstream model). it's 18 amps on the +12v rails. i shouldn't have a power issue, though.

    how could i monitor my pc's power useage?
  6. hmmm... i opened the nvidia monitor and it says my gpu heat is 83 deg C. now to just be able to run a game in windowed mode to see what happens. is 83C normal? i used to know this stuff, i swear.

    also, i can see all the voltages, but don't know how to tell what's going on with it all.
  7. Is there a lot of DUST in your case? Have you cleaned out the heatsinks lately?

    PS- There should be 3.3v, 5v, and 12v monitors. They should be within about 5% of those numbers, respectively. (Can be up to 10% by ATX spec. but thats a bit much) There may also be a CPU Vcore monitor, etc.

    Best of Luck
  8. hello all. i wanted to post the remedy to my problem.

    what i failed to initially address was that, when my pc froze, i was still able to hear the game music. a friend of mine suggested that my audigy 2 zs was the culprit. he mentioned that creative was notorious for bad interrupt requests and that the music was still playing even after the game crashed because the irq was in a sort of loop. thinking about it, it made logical sense. so what i did was move my soundcard to a different pci slot so that a different irq was used. behold, the hard freezes that had been plaguing me had come to a stop. now i can play bioshock and the ut3 demo endlessly without my system hanging.

    i hope this helps out anyone with a creative sound card and nvidia 8800 series video card.
  9. Glad to hear that you got it fixed.
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