First post here long lurker, looking for build suggestions.

Hello all, looking to slap together a build for less than 1.5k, including monitor.

Here is the wish list link.

The things I am concerned with are if everything will physically fit. I really like the look of the sonata case, and it comes with a 500 earthwatts, which is a decent PSU. I really don’t like the look of the 900 and the p182 is more then I want to spend. I built an e6600 for my bud in a sonata II case and it’s a pretty sweet case and he is happy with it and the build. He really likes the speed it works with math cad, and the silence of the case, so do I that’s why I am going with a similar build.

The first computer I built was in a lanboy with a jet engine of a cooler, with all these goofy blue leds. While it looked neat at first it just ended up annoying me. I plan on gamming and using it for basic office and multisim.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks guys. ^^
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  1. looks very nice , but if u play @ 1680x1050 or 1600x1200 and higher , then i suggest getting a 8800gts 640 instead , thats a very nice cpu
  2. Maziar said:
    looks very nice , but if u play @ 1680x1050 or 1600x1200 and higher , then i suggest getting a 8800gts 640 instead , thats a very nice cpu

    May I ask why? I know benchmarks aren't everything but only one benchmark showed any real performance difference.

    Oh and I am planning on either a 22 inch or 20 1680x1050, just don't know what monitor to go with yet. I was going to get a samsung but I read something of a scandal involving their panels, not being theirs.

    Also I have yet to even look into speakers. I don't want anything to fancy, just maybe a 3-5 speaker set. My bud has a woofer and I was playing BF2142 and It was neat how I could feel my footsteps.
  3. well if u read reviews they say a 8800gts 320 is sufficent for resolution up to 1600x1200 , but when u look @ the benchmark of them , in some games they are actually the same and in some games not :

    as u see in oblivion they perform closely even in 1600x1200 ,

    but look @ this one :

    as u see , the 8800gts 640 is 32.3 FPS (Frames Per Second) better than 8800GTS 320

    also there are some games like GRAW-GRAW2 .... that need 512 or higher memory to run @ ultra high
  4. Hi there, here's what I would recommend:

    1. Go with the 8800GTS 640 it's awesome. (Unless you plan to use the Evga step-up program and get a 9 series card later this year)

    2. Get a Q6600 for about $90 more... it'll out-perform the dual core, and the more new games come out the more will use all 4 cores... it's just a good investment. I know ClubIT has the Q6600 with G0 stepping for about the same price as Newegg's B3 Q6600 (The G0 runs cooler and is better for oc'ing... not sure if you'd even need to oc, but just the fact that it runs cooler is good enough for a guy like me.)

    3. Not really a lot else to say, looks like a solid system. Take a look at Acer's 20" on Newegg, I bought one about a week ago for 169.99 and it's real REAL nice at 1680x1050.

    4. That's a nice case I think... but for the money why not look into the Thermaltake Armor series? It's got some lights, but it's got amazing cooling.. (one of my friends has one and is loving it) Another option on case is the Centurion 534... it has only two LED's and they're not very obtrusive... you could even just not plug them in if you want and then all you'd have is the HDD indicator light on the front. I use it for my Q6600 and 8800GTS 640 and everything runs cool and quiet. It's also only $50 so that would save you a bit of money.

    Just trying to help, good luck with your build :D
  5. E6750 is 2.6 , Q6600 is 2.4 , the Q6600 cant outperform the E6750 in some apps like some games ..... , but it can outperform it in some multithreaed apps , here is it :
  6. Looks pretty good.
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