Help, computer is dead (except fan)

Hi, I have an Acer Aspire T130.
It has always started with fans at full speed when computer starts, to later lower the speed after a while. Now it seems to stops here. The screen is black all the time, no text och logo from Bios. And the fans runs always at full speed from the first second.

The only thing I tried to change after the error is that I replaced the graphic card and removed all PCI cards. But I don't think the error is there.

How can I troubleshoot this? Maybe the motherboard is simply broken :(:(

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  1. Give the MoBo a good visual to see if any of the caps are bloated, the tops should all be flat with a couple of strain relief grooves stamped into them.

    Failing that the only way is to strip the machine to the minimum that will POST (just MoBo, PSU, processor and cooler), if it still doesn't POST, swap the PSU or processor; if it still fails it's probably the MoBo.
  2. It may instead be your power supply. They often fail partially, with one voltage bad.
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