Lost hard drive space after Vista defrag?

Okay first of all, I have never encountered this issue before while using the XP operating system. Well now I'm on Vista and I just defragged my 74Gb Raptor. The hard drive contains few games in it like CS:S, Cod4 and Crysis. And with all the rest of the softwares and anti-virus etc. Anyways, before defragging the hard drive, it tells me I got about 28.1Gb of free space and after two hours of defragging it's now has 26.9Gb. Now sometime between the defragging session my hard drive lost some space. :(

Is Vista using that lost space as part of an effecient defragmenting method or what?

I'm not worried about the space, I got plenty on my back up drive but I'm just curious as to why I lost over 1Gb of space after defragging the hard disk.

I'm still not familiar with Vista OS, I'm only using it for the DX10 game Crysis.

Chuck :hello:
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  1. I would blame it on Windows Vista before a trusty reliable Raptor. How old is your Raptor and have you run Windows HDD scan for bad sectors?
  2. The Raptor is fine, I did some error check and all sectors good to go. I think it's just Vista, I have googled it as well and found others to have the same issue using Vista defrag. Still can't find any forums as to what happened to the lost drive space.
  3. No. When I install the Vista OS it only gave me the option to "Quick Format" the drive. It didn't have the XP's full destructive formatting. Anyways, I don't have any performance loss with Vista but is now curious why and what's the missing space is used for.

    I'm guessing that Vista might have used the 1Gb of space for indexing? Maybe?
  4. This Auslogic is totally safe for Vista right? I'll give it a try and post back the result.
  5. i wonder if it's a combo of paging, indexing and a system restore point?
  6. Okay, I'm really surprise now.

    Before Vista defrag, 28.1Gb space free

    After Vista defrag, 26.9Gb space free

    After Auslogic defrag, 39.7Gb space free

    What's going on here!?

    nukemaster -

    That's what I'm thinking, maybe Vista is indexing all the files. Question now, I will be testing my games and other software to see if it's faster after the Auslogic defrag. Over 10Gb of data is freed. I hope my softwares are still working right. I'll be back and post some results.

    For now, the Auslogic is very comprehensive and has visuals too. The defrag was very fast, assuming since I did it already with Vista. But 10Gb freed? I'm very surprised.

    Restart seems to be the same, around 30 seconds. I'll run my games and anti virus to see it's performance.

    MrsBytch, thanks for the software advice. I think I like the Auslogic.
  7. Damnit....Auslogic did not give me any free space(last time i ran it...) :(

    Running it now to see what it does for me.....gonna go dig up a 2 gig drive and see if it can make it a 4 gig drive :)

    Nope, no luck.....119 before, 119 after....
  8. I've seen that problem before. Vista seems to like to add a restore point while defragging. At least that was what happened to me.
  9. I'm sure Vista did add something. I freed over 10Gb of space and my OS and games and other softwares seems to work just fine.

    Hey, Nukemaster I ran Auslogic like 10 times just to make sure. Maybe that's how I got the extra 10Gb. LOL.

    I'm digging some furoms about the Vista defrag but still now luck on how it works. Maybe the Vista defrag is more secure since it might create backups, index and restore point?
  10. well i am still on i will not know until vista SP1 comes out....thats my move date...
  11. nukemaster said:
    well i am still on i will not know until vista SP1 comes out....thats my move date...

    Same here.
  12. Just curious... what version of Vista are you running?

    Vista Business & Vista Ultimate both have some pretty fancy features for automatically saving old revisions of files. Don't think that's your problem, but I'm just throwing it out there. It is weird that a simple defrag operation would bloat up on you like that.
  13. Quote:
    Vista defrag sucks.

    You are aware that DisKeeper makes XP/Vista defrag right?

    In anycase, there is no other defrag program that i would recommend over O&O Defrag. it kicks ass.
  14. O&O Defrag is cool.....but for everyday use i just run the built in one...i have O&O from a time when i could not defrag due to large files(Video related)....
  15. rodney ws -

    I have the Vista Home Premium. This weekend I'll try to defrag the same drive with Vista to see if it's going to take back over 10Gb of space the Auslogic Defragger just freed.
  16. Well it looks like Vista is claiming back the hard drive space. After the Auslogic defrag I freed over 10Gb and totalled 39.7Gb. Now after a week of just using the PC, it's now 34.7Gb. I did not install anything but looks like Vista is taking back the freed space. Tried the Auslogic defrag again but it's not working anymore.
  17. Okay, Vista defrag will claim extra space for indexing, backup and restore points. However you can reclaim the extra space by using "Disk Cleanup". You can erase temporary files, system restore and shadow copies. Depending on how much programs you have you'll claim from 1Gb to over 10Gb of space. If you want security over space then it's wise not to erase these files.
  18. I lost 10 gig of space on my first defrag, This really upsets me. I only have the one hdd :( I thought WTH ?? so i just ignored it. Then a few days later i defraged again and started losing more space. I quit the defrag and started searching online. Is Vista going to steal space every time i defrag???

    please help!!!!
  19. Holy Crap, I finally bothered to follow this threads advice and use the Auslogics' defreagger. Restarted the computer and I gained - brace yourselves - 32GB. I started out with 8GB free space on my 250GB drive, and went up to 40. I running it again now cause it reckons it can't run properly on less than 15% free space... which I now have.
  20. I ran Auslogic and gained...... 0.1 gigs :) it said it deleted junk files.

    But i have not had vista defrag many times yet. and system restore is only on the c: nothing else.
  21. Hello everybody! I also have encountered a similar problem concerning the loss of space after a defrag (from 55 GB used it wne up to 95 GB!!!!), BUT, i did some research AND found a solution! :D

    if you're using Vista this is what you do (i'm quoting some guy's post):

    "I have found the solution!!! It's all because of shadow copies!! right click
    on your hard drive, click properties, go to general tab, click disc clean up,
    go to more options and then clean up shadow copies!!!! you will get back your
    disk space!!!

    This will help ;) Everybody, have a Merry Christmas! CheerZ!
  22. Thanks for signing up just to post that :).

    When I switched to Vista I did figure that out as well.
  23. Use CCleaner, Defraggler or XP Tools (works with Vista too) to scan and fix most HD errors. As for the space disappearing, well - I wandered the same thing myself. - I have a 20GB drive for Windows, 15GB is now occupied. I deleted loads of my stuff off the drive but the disk usage still remains high - so I looked into it..... I discovered WINXSX - a massive 7GB+ in size (and growing) - this is a right space eater - and what it does is stores previous versions of graphics libraries, dll's, older versions, etc, etc - to give extra compatibility for older programs. - It wouldn't surprise me if this is where your space went after defrag; for all we know any files windows vista comes across may be considered for the WINSXS directory... Gawd knows. :bounce:
  24. So i defragged my computer today using the windows defragger..i went from having over 3/4 of my disk space free to less than half :(

    I have run disk cleaner several times and deleted the shadow copies..any help? Could someone please post the link to one of these other defraggers for me to try (im silly and paranoid about just googling incase i get the wrong thing : :na: )

    This is the only helpful thread i have found on this

  25. Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for all the help.

    Last night I defragged my Vista computer and LOST 30 GIGS of hard drive space, I kid you not. 80->50 gigs free.

    I ran Auslogic's defrag and gained it all back, and then ran disc cleanup and gained another 10 gigs on the side. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!
  26. I had a similar problem, but recovered all my "lost" disk space by turning off System Restore completely: go to Control Panel -> System -> System Protection, uncheck the checkmark against the drive you've just defragged using Windows' defragger, then click OK.
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