Is this correct? Core temp calibration on Gigabyte P35-DS3L rev2

Hi all. I could use a little help. ;)

I'm trying to figure out if my temperatures are accurate or not. (attempting to calibrate them by using this article )

Does anyone know if any of these options listed in the below screen shot is PECI (Platform Environmental Control Interface)?

Finally, here are my SpeedFan numbers:

My motherboard:

Thank you for any insight! :sol:
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  1. Here is my current "just sitting in windows" Coretemp
  2. I ran prime95 for 5 mins to raise some temperatures and see which temps in speedfan went up. Knowing I adjusted Core0 and Core1 by +12 degrees, does this look normal?

  3. rhaezor, your Offset correction of +12c is incorrect, and should instead be +15c, as stated in the Guide. Also, the utility Core Temp is incorrectly interpreting Tjunction Max for your G0 Stepping C2D; it indicates 85c, and should instead indicate 100c, which thus causes it to indicate temperatures which are 15c too low. Be certain that you're using Beta 0.95.4, and not 0.95. You can use the link in the Section 8 (Tools) of the Guide to download the correct version.

    I have taken the liberty of showing your corrected Tjunction (Core) temperatures using +15c Offsets. Please complete the remaining items in Results and Variables as shown below, so that I can help you:


    Tcase: Idle = 31c / Load = 59c
    Tjunction: Idle = 35c / Load = 63c - Hottest Core


    Ambient = 22c
    Chipset = P35
    C2Q / C2D = E6750
    CPU Cooler = Stock
    Frequency = 2.84 Ghz
    Load = Prime95
    Motherboard = Gigabyte P35-DS3L
    Stepping = G0
    Vcore = 1.3


    Comp :sol:

    EDIT: I have updated your information in accordance with your posts below.
  4. Ah, 15c. Oops. There's so much good info in that guide I miss some things :) Ambient is 71/72F. Using stock heatsink fan. It doesn't appear that I have a bios setting that I can enable to correct my temperatures (PECI.) In the screenshot in my first post above, the Thermal Monitor 2 is actually just when it reaches a high temp and then it will force the GHz and voltage lower.
  5. Here are my results after making the 15c adjustment. This at the end of a 15 minute Prime95 test.

    I'm not sure if this matters, but at idle my CPU goes down to 2.0 GHz. It's set for 2.66 GHz, but when under full load the bios automatically raises it slightly to 2.84~ GHz as you see in the screenshots. Smartfan is also enabled in the bios.
  6. Good job so far. You're Tjunction (Core) temperatures appear to be correct. The only remaining task is to perform the Calibrations in Section 9 to correct your inaccurate Tcase (CPU) temperature, (Temp 2 on your rig), and to Validate Tjunction.

    Comp :sol:
  7. It was nice to see that when tried oc at 3ghz, a 10 min prime95 test my core's only got to 65c on the stock cooler. That is impressive.. go Intel :) Thanks for your help Comp.. you an outstanding forum pro :)

    One last thought: If my Temp 2 (Tcase) is, at idle, 31c and my Core's are 35c.. how do I know how much, if any to offset my Tcase to? I'm sure it's obvious but this is all new territory for me :P
  8. As I stated above, please use Section 9, Parts 1 & 2 (Calibrations) in the Guide. Follow the Idle Test Setup to the letter, then you can to configure an Offset correction in SpeedFan for Tcase. It's a simple procedure, and it works.

    Comp :sol:
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