Rundll32-drivers and registry errors

while in internet explorer, I wanted to sign up for a password on a mircosoft progam, I now get a (rundll32 has stopped working ). I have never had this before.

also registry quick says I have 100+ s registry errors,,, is there any site that i can go on to auto correct this problem.

also have oem error

my system is an hp dv7 1020us, vista, 64 and 32 bit combo.

and out of date drivers.. when I go in and tell the sys to update the drivers, it says all are good. But my cursor jumps around the page while typing and I had read on a forum that a person just went into pc tools and repairs, hit somthing and it cured the problem. this was in the mouse and keyboard .

I can not find the program pc tools and repairs on my system, I thought it was in the assessories section but is not.

I am not touching the finger pad while typing and it does not work properly so I use a mouse, which is finee as long as the laptop works good!

I dont have the funds to take it to a shop nor sign up for all the registry and driver and oem websites,

is there any web sites that are really free the you can update drivers and fix registry errors?
does drive you crazy having to stop about every 5 letters to move the cursor back into the right word to finish a sentence.
thanks for any help
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  1. HP's support site has all of the drivers for your machine free of charge.

    In regard to the registry errors, I recommend trying Glary Utilities- it's free.
  2. I would like to also recommend GLARY UTILITES FREE Version for registry repairs and periodic scans. I've been using this software for about 2 years and have had great success with it. I feel that it is the best registry cleaner/maintence software
    that is available as a free download. I downloaded it from (google cnet glary utlilites free download), but it is also available from

    I've found that periodic use of this software has really help keep my system tuned up. Especially after the 1st time that scanned my registry w/ Glary Utilities - I saw an incredible difference.
    The majority of the time, I'm using features offered under the 1-click Maintenance tab which scans & fixes the registry entries; cleans up invalid shortcuts, dangerous startup entries, temporary files and recovers disk space; removes spyware & adware w/ just a click on the "scan for issues" button. It is very easy to use & not at all taxing on my operating system's resources.
    I'm very pleased with this product - you can't beat the price (FREE!).
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