Wich Mobo to chose Asus Commando or Blitz Formula

Wich mobo to chose between Asus Commando and Blitz Formula or something else if it is better

I want to setup this systems:

CPU E6750

MB sugestion please

DDR2 2X1024 Geil Ultra CL4

Case Antec NSK6000 without the PSU

And that's all because the rest i have..monitor lcd, psu 450W fortron, 7950GT, etc etc
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  1. A commando or blitz are way overkill for what you are doing... save some money on a non ROG mainboard.

    The Giga g-paw suggested is a good board. if you want to stick with Asus for with a P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP or P5K-E both of these will do the same job as either ROG boards you mentioned without the added $$$.
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