GA-P35-DS4 freezes at post

My friend bought a new system mostly for gaming.
GA-P35-DS4 motherboard
Intel C2D E6750
OCZ 2GB Special Ops Edition
Thermaltake toughpower 750W
Ati 1950Pro GFX Card

The system worked fine on first boot.I was able to install WinXP SP2 and some other stuff.I decided to update the bios to the newest one (at the time it was F6).

Unfortunately i didnt check for motherboard revision on the actual board but i checked CPU-Z reference which was saying A2 and i assumed that it was REV 2.0 (its REV 1.0).
I flashed the bios with the rev2.0 version and i rebooted applying Optimized default settings.Everything worked fine so i guessed that bios installed successfuly.

After that i closed the computer in order to install the side fan of the casetek case.I connected the peripherals power cord to an internal SATA controller.I switched on the computer,the big fan worked but the computer couldnt boot.I could only see the Gigabyte logo and some available commands on the bottom (Qflash,Recovery Menu,Bios Menu) but the keyboard didnt corespond at all.
After some restarts and shutdowns we were able to clear the CMOS,boot into windows and load again the origina BIOS (i made a backup before the first flashing).But the problem occured many times till then.Some times it boots normal,some other times it tries reset CMOS and recover the BIOS.At the moment the computer doesnt boot at all.I only see that gigabyte screen.
Could it be a BIOS error or a faulty motherboard?
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  1. It sure seems like a problem connected with the mistaken BIOS flash. I would download the latest BIOS version for your revision of the MB (don't use your saved copy), and flash the BIOS to that from a bootable floppy. Then, clear the CMOS, reload defaults, and go from there.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    I wanted to do this but the machine doesnt seem to boot now.
    I have on a disk the correct bios (F7 for REV1.0) and i will try to do it in case the pc will boot into windows.
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