GeForce FX 5200 not working at all

hello, i had a problem with my network card, it just stopped, i tried changing slots and taking it out then putting it back but it did not help, so i changed the network card and turned on my PC, WinXP tried to install the network card driver but for some reason it did not install properly. I restarted my PC and i got the "beep" when it booted and the screen stayed black. And now i took it off and working on the built-in graphic card of the motherboard. Can you help me to fix this problem?
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  1. I assume you mean grapics card?

    If your onboard video works then it's a 99% probability that your 5200 has died.
  2. try reinstalling the card, disable the onboard graphics under
    my computer-properties-hardware-device manager.

    then reboot and see if it picks it up, if not than your gpu just might be gone. good luck.
  3. hey it worked :D i disabled my on-board video card and plugged my 5200 and it worked but there still a problem.
    i dont see the vga card fan on, does it turn on after reaching a certain temperature or there might be some faulty wiring?
  4. The fan is not working?...tTry to look at the fan to see if it's spinning. If it's not spinning that is bad and can cause the card to die by burning out. Always need a form of cooling for graphics cards since they don't throttle if I'm correct. If it's not working turn off the system and use onboard and get a replacement heatsink/fan for it. If you want to still use it.
  5. Try to clean and lube the fan. dust & dirt are the usual culprit.
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