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I have a document in Excel 2010 which contains 2 columns. Data from 2nd column is constant, does not change and is assigned to data in 1st column. Names and surnames are great example, so I will use this case for explanation.

Currently there are 200 names in 1st column and of course 200 surnames, attached to them in every row. There won't be any new names ever.

This is functionality I'd like to have. I often have to copy some of those names from external database (software) in various numbers. Let's say 50 random names to 1st column. But when I do that, I have to manually write down surnames to 2nd column, because they come from another database (software) which is not synchronized with the first one, so I cant just copy/paste them.

Is there any way to save (connect?) all 200 surnames to all 200 names in Excel, so when I would copy some of names from external database to 1st column, Excel would automatically attach appropriate surname to 2nd row?

I hope I was clear. Thanks for help in advance!
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  1. Sorry for the delay.

    Here is a simplified example: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18516025/excel_example.xlsx . I think it's pretty self explanatory. In the first tab, there is a constant database of all the companies and their assigned numbers. There are going to be several months (2nd and 3rd tabs are just for an example). I explained everything else in the first post.

    Could you do a concrete example of my case and upload is somewhere, so I can take a closer look at it? Thanks in advance.
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