Differences between different Asus P5K mobos?

Please, could someone give me some brief info about what the differences are between the different boards in the P5K series? I know that some have 2 x pci, and some 3, and that the P5KC supports both DDR2 and DDR3 RAM, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten after hours of reading and comparing. :/

Also, what does the various letters stand for? (You don’t have to explain ”WIFI”, I understand that one.) ;)

Anyway, here are the boards:

P5K (has 3 x PCI )
P5KC - (both DDR2 & DDR3 RAM)
P5K/SE (2 pci)
P5K/WS (2 pci2.2)

Thanks for reading. Hope someone will help.
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  1. Ok from basic board through to more complex.

    P5K-SE - Basic 1 x PCI-E x16, 3 x PCI-E x1, 2 x PCI
    P5K - has two 16x PCI-e , one 1x PCI-e and 3 pci
    P5KR - Adds more Raid options with Intel matrix storage
    P5K-WS - Removes a x16 slot for a PCI-X slot
    P5KC - Same as P5K except support DDR2 and DDR3
    P5K64-WS - Same as P5KR except 4 x PCI-E x 16 slots, 2 x PCI 2.2
    P5K-E/WIFI - Same as P5KR Adds Wifi, Firewire, optical out, and more copper
    P5K-Deluxe/WIFI - Same as P5K-E Adds another RJ-45, and more copper
    P5K-Premium/WIFI - same as P5K-Deluxe
    P5K3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP - Same as P5K-Deluxe except has DDR3 NOT DDR2
    P5K3 Premium/WiFi-AP - Same as P5K3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP except 2 more USB's and HEAPS of COPPER
    Blitz Extreme - Same as P5K-Premium/WIFI except no Wifi 2 more USB and COPPER with ocing ffeatures - ROG
    Blitz Formula (Special Edition) - Exactly the same as Blitz Extreme - ROG

    Added a few that you missed ;)
  2. Thanks, Chookman!! Much obliged! :)
  3. Blitz Formula is same as Blitz Extreme , but Formula supports DDR2 , but Extreme supports DDR3 ,
  4. Thanks Maziar didnt notice that

    BTW i have a P5K-E Wifi that is suiting me well ;)
  5. The Premiums are supposed to use better materials: capacitors, mosfets, etc.

    It was my first choice but I had to return it because of SAYA-2 issues. Apparently this is still not fixed and no words from Asus so far.
    You can read the complaints from this Asus Forum:

  6. Strange that these issues are confined to the Premium boards... you would think they would be able to fix it quick.
  7. Too bad, I really like the P5K-Premium. I checked everyday for the fix.

    This is not a small problem because many of us could not even install OS. The facts that this has been going on for a few weeks and Asus still has not given any official words make me think that this is not a simple BIOS fix. This looks like a hardware issue and Asus has not decided how to deal with it. Imagine the number of RMA and what it does to its good name!
  8. the only board i am surprised about is ASUS P5KE PREMIUM ,it has onboard 2GB DDR3 RAM but has no expansion slot for any other ram(it is limited to 2GB ! )

    i love my P5K-E too , very nice board :d )
  9. I am not familiar with the P5K-E but many people around here really likes this MB. Does this P5K-E use high quality material, like the P5K-Premium?

    How does this compare to IP35-Pro in term of stability and reliablity? After building the PC, I will not upgrade for a few years.
  10. All the capacitors on both boards are the same. So there cant be too much difference

    Besides i here the P5K-Premium has issues with SATA HDD
  11. Yes, I am one of the victims who bought P5K-Premium and spent 12 hours to install Windows but failed. I ended up returning the MB.

    This is why I have to look a new MB. I like my new build to be quiet so lots of heat pipes would be nice. Depending on the availability of the X38 MB, I may end up with IP35-Pro.
  12. Going back to the original subject.

    What are the differences between P5K-Premium and P5K-Deluxe? Features of the boards like the same to me.
  13. The only ones i know of are listed in my first post
  14. Strange. Why would Asus sells the same board (or similar in all ways) under different names, different packaging in the same market?

    I am asking because since P5K-Premium did not work out for me, maybe the Deluxe would fit the bill.
  15. chookman said:
    All the capacitors on both boards are the same. So there cant be too much difference

    Besides i here the P5K-Premium has issues with SATA HDD

    It's like 7 months later.. what are these SATA HDD issues and have they been resolved?
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