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I am wanting to build a great desktop for autodesk 2008 and I need some video card and processor suggestions. My budget is around $1000 :D

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  1. Thats a quite limited budget for a CAD system. Are you going to use plain AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD Architectual and/or AutoDesk VIZ or Max?

    The monitors for such a system is often a quite big part of such a system. Do your budget of $1000 also include the monitors?
  2. We have the monitors we are going to use and have researched some of the parts. We are using Civil 3D and AutoDesk 2008.

    here is the budget breakdown by part feel free to suggest other things.

    Case and PSU.......100
    VC......................250 (Which Nvidia Card or other brand would you recommend)
    Intel E6550...........200 (Any suggestions????)
    No Mobo yet.........100 (Any suggestions????)

    Any suggestions as to different parts or anything else would be much appreciated. (feel free to linger outside the budget)

  3. More realistic budget for decent CAD machine:

    Case (No PSU) = $50
    Decent PSU = $100
    HDD = $120
    GPU = $280
    CPU = $280 (Q6600)
    Ram = $200 (4GB of ram)
    Mobo = $130

    I'd recommend a Centurion 5, Corsair 520HX, 500GB Seagate Barracuda, 8800GTS, Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4GB of Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800, and a GA-P35-DS3R mobo.

    Pretty much a gaming machine geared more towards CAD (4GB of ram instead of 2 and Q6600 instead of E6750). And honestly if you cannot get yourself to pay the extra $150 I seriously think you should go save a bit more, because maybe for the occassional CAD user 2GB of ram and a dual core would be perfect, but for a machine especially made for work purposes the 4GB ram and Q6600 are a necessity.
  4. Hi there,
    if the budget is limited you may consider Core 2 Duo E6750 and 2GB DDR800. But if you are going to pay 280$ for VGA, go for ATI FireGL v3600 as it is CAD/... oriented Card. I would suggest ATI anyway, especially for non-gamers.
    check if you can find a p965-based Supermicro Mobo, if you can not afford the P35-based model.
  5. Is there any real advantage in using a quad core processor in Autodesk?
  6. While AutoCAD is not a very good multi-threaded program at present, any visualizations ARE multi-threaded. And I don't think it will be long before the core program also will benefit from more cores. My experience from architects shows that they are heavy multi taskers, so

    Thats why I would recommend a quadcore Q6600 as a a minimum, if the budget does not allow for any fancy dual-quad Xeon workstation.

    RAM is also very important: Get at least 2GB, better with 4GB.
    While you won't be running a 64bit version of Windows today, during the next few years you probably will. Start with Windows XP 32bit now, and plan to upgrade to 64bit Vista during late 2008 or 2009.
    Autodesks 2007 series programs do not work very well in Vista or 64bit.

    Motherboard: Get a good P35 board (like the Gigabyte P35 series).
    Harddisk: At your budget drop RAID or SAS. Just a single 500GB SATA drive will do quite nicely.

    Graphics...... what a problem. At your budget you can't afford any real CAD card - they a too expensive. But get a card with dual DVI outputs, as one of the biggest productivity enchancements of any CAD station is using dual monitors.

    Look at the recommended graphics card list at Autodesk:

    You won't get a certified card with your budget, but the AMD ATI 1900GT passed the tests by Autodesk - and I would guess that also goes for any X19XX series cards which are excellent value today.

    I don't know what the above would total up to, but it should be close to $1000. But why save a few dollars on hardware when the programs themselves costs close to $7000?
  7. Max costs $3500 and you want to run it on a 1k system?? lol
  8. For sure you need a quad core.

    Start with 2 gigs to save $$$ and when it begins to annoy you, you will be more motivated to upgrade with another 2 GB.

    If you buy a 8800 GTS you can softmod it to a quadro fx 4600 and see a slight improvement in autocad.

    As for an HDD, Case, PSU, MOBO, go for something in the remainder of your budget, BUT:
    ASUS for mobo is best, and a PSU with at least 600W is also recommended.

    My 2 cents
  9. bornking said:
    If you buy a 8800 GTS you can softmod it to a quadro fx 4600 and see a slight improvement in autocad.

    Good recomendation (if it lets you install quadro drivers)- do you have a link to the mod?
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