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Hey, I have a pretty straightforward question about laptop graphic cards....

What do I look for to make sure that the external connection will display as a second display and not just reproduce what is on the main screen? Actually, hopefully what would be capable of both?

Sooo, I want to have 2 individual screens... (the laptop screen and an external LCD with separate images)

This may be a stupid question in this day and age but back when I worked at electronics store 4 years ago all the external adapter would do was reproduce the image on screen one... ie to plug into a projector

Thanks for the help
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  1. All modern mobile GPUs are capable of it, soetimes configuring the software can be a pain. Best to stick to one of the big three for your GPU manufacturer (Intel/ATI/nVidia).
  2. Awesome, just didn't want to be stuck w/o it

    Thanks for the reply
  3. It's very easy. Just use your Function Key combination to activate both screens at once on your laptop. Once you have both screens working at once, go into your display settings and make sure the "extend desktop to this display" setting, and voila! You now have 2 separate screens. When you first enable the external screen it will be a clone of your laptop display.
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