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Hey guys I need your view on something , I need a job within 8 months and will be living on my own. I turn 18 in a few weeks. I have been extensively exposed to computer knowledge my whole life. From my dads friends being top level Networkers, Pc software specialist and programmers. I have succesfully built many of the systems my family uses. at much better prices for them than hp or dell or the like. I personally have built a 1k+ pc and have upgraded over the years. I am very good at software too , and keeping up and setting up diff networking. I can diagnose and troubleshoot many many problems. id like to credit myself to knowing a computer like the back of my hand, as it would especially appear to the average laymen.

My question and advice i need is. What jobs could i look into?
how would i go about getting it, ( i can probly find connections if needed.)
Something i could attain with no other "degree or certificate education" than a hs diploma ( i know more than my dads friends with 4 years plus for their field.)
or a very short time from of gettin such certification, like 6 months.

sorry for my very unprofessional question here( im like a doctor, i need to work on penmanship and typing proper more often too, although i can key 120wpm correctly if needed in a given scenario) But id like your guys input.
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  1. First thing that pops to mind is local online stores that sell PC parts. Some of them can offer PC assembling too, so thats a position for you. As a assistant to the main master maybe.
    You're saying your dad has lot of friends in IT world can't they take you under their wing in their company/ firm?
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