New computer beeps once then restarts in endless loop

Ok, so I put together my first build based on a CPU/mobo bundle at Fry's:

Intel E6750
Crucial 2x1GB PC5300
Raidmax case with 450W PSU
Stock cooling

And when I hit the power switch on the PSU, the CPU/case fans start spinning, then it beeps once, and then restarts and repeats in an endless loop. I've tried removing all memory, then testing just one stick in each slot, same result. I've also suspecting the cheap PSU, but it works fine when I hook it up to another computer. The MB is installed correctly from what I can tell - there is a brass support for each screw hole. And I haven't even connected the drives yet to keep things as simple as possible.

The interesting thing is - when I hold in the power button on the case front during this process, I can get into the BIOS. The CPU temp is 43C which sounds like it may be a little high, but I don't think that would cause it to restart?? As soon as I release the power button, the computer begins the restart loop again.

So it feels like I am close, but something is not quite right. Any suggestions? The BIOS is AMI, so from what I understand one beep means no major issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :p
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  1. Does your current BIOS support your E6750? Check which BIOS rev. is needed for your processor on the ECS MB website. You might try resetting the CMOS jumper. Unplug the PSU and remove the battery when you reset the jumper.
  2. There is one update on the website but I don't know if it applies to my rev. I need to check when I get home. How would I update the BIOS without being able to boot the system? Is there a special tool for this?

    I'll see if the CMOS trick works as well. Thanks for your advice!
  3. You will have to read the ECS MB instructions on updating the BIOS. If you can get into BIOS I would think your processor is supported? Try resetting the CMOS, be sure to unplug the psu and remove the battery when you reset. In BIOS you could increase the memory voltage a click or two also.
  4. 43C sounds fishy. Does it hold at 43C or does it keep increasing over time?
  5. OK, I tried:

    Resetting BIOS to defaults - no change
    Remounting the MB and inspecting for damage - no change
    Reinstalling the HSF with arctic silver 5 - no change
    Reconnecting all power connectors - no change
    Using different PSU - no change

    Now however I get two beeps when two memory sticks are used and one beep with one memory stick. It doesn't matter which memory stick or slot I use.

    Is it possible that the power switch on the case is bad? I find it interesting that I can boot normally if I simply hold in the power button, but once I let it go the system restarts. I have yet to try a different case but that will probably be my next troubleshooting step.

    And to answer the CPU temp question, it varies from 41C to 44C but never goes outside this range.

    Thanks for the replies!
  6. Try taking the power switch out of the equation by removing the leads from the motherboard and using a small screwdriver to short across the poles momentarily.
  7. Yes, this sounds like a shorted power switch. The RAM may be an additional issue, possibly fixable once you're able to get into the BIOS on one stick by bumping the RAM voltage a little.
  8. I did the screwdriver trick and tried a power switch from a different case and it solved the problem. I went out and go a new case and it works perfectly. Thanks again to everyone for your help!

    Only issue now is CPU temp, which gets up to 50C in the BIOS. Once I get Windows reinstalled I will check with a different program to see if that reading is correct. I thought the E6750 should be closer to 35C-45C.
  9. Good to know you did not have to resort to blunt force trauma :lol: . When in BIOS the CPU will be running at full chat but once the OS is running the power save features will be enabled, which should bring the temps down.
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