Hard disc wont load Windows xp.

Hey all.

So here's my problem.

I just used my computer, played a game or did some work, then i turn it on. Then the next time i turn it on, it either works or it become black after loading Bios. When it becomes black after loading Bios, i tried to spamclick F8 to get to the options. Here i tried to just start up the windows normal, but when I'm choosing windows XP the computer freezes. After a couple of tries, if I'm lucky, I finally succeed to start windows. When that happens everything works fine.

What i tried so far is to format the entire disc. That would might repair any damaged files. So that worked fine. Installed all the programs, drivers. Then suddenly the computer started lagging. Small lag spike every 3-4 sec. I had that before, where a reboot fixed it. But then again, i had the same problem. It went black after loading Bios. The computer isn't even loading.
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  1. Run the diagnostic/repair software from you hdd's mfg website from a floppy to make sure your hdd isn't failing. If it's not the hadd, run memtest to check your RAM and if the RAM tests OK, try a different PSU
  2. It would be helpful if we had some specs on your computer, is this a store bought computer, if so what brand, and model number, or is it a custom hand built Rig?

    From the symptoms you listed this really sounds like an overheating issue to me, but I cant say so with confidence until I find out more about the computer, so get back to us with the info I am requesting.
  3. Like g-paw said my first impression is the power supply. System takes a lot of power booting up then settle down after.

    Check the cables, check any connected hardware make sure they’re on properly.
  4. I just bought a new psu, so should't be that.

    I bought an entire new computer a few years back, where i just have been buying new stuff over the last couple of years. Everything is not more than 1.5 year MAX.

    my current spec:

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+ 2.4GHZ
    Ram: 2 x 512 mb DDR 400mhz.
    Graphiccard: Nvidia Asus 8800 GT 512 mb.
    PSU: 550w.
    Motherboard: Asus Nforce4 A5N8X.
    Hard disc: Maxtor 160 GB.

    I tried using Nvidia monitor to check the temperature and it seems to be very normal. Can't see the graphic card, but the cpu is only at 60C and the sysmte/chip at 40.

    I just ran a long hard disc check and it didn't find any errors.
  5. Have you check for malware?

    Try Installing any anitvirus, Firewall, Anti Malware/Spyware. Then clean the registry. reinstall if system start running ok.

    Any plug-ins you added, Hardware and Software?
  6. you still didn't list your psu, i believe thats the problem, not enough amps on +12v i bet for that 8800gt, also make sure you have your sata/ide connector plugged in TIGHT..same goes w/ the power connectors.
  7. already checked for any virus or anything related. My anitvirus updates daily.

    Before buying my PSU, i asked if it would run my computer and he said he would't be a problem with that PSU, so i trust him. I had a 360W before which also could run it, but was a bit lot though, so think this is okay.


    LC-Power: Silent Giant 14cm Fan.

    550W, 140 mm Lüfter, temperaturgeregelt

    GREEN POWER-Technologie
    - weniger als 1W Verbrauch im Standby-Modus
    - mehr als 85% Effizienz

    3,3V: 35A
    5V: 40A
    12V1: 16A
    12V2: 18A

    Know it's on german, but I'm not a german, so can't really translate, but the numbers are there.

  8. LC-Power Silent Giant is this the one you're thinking of buying? then the spec seems good. I don't know the company but 85% Effizienz means 85% efficiency is GOOD.
  9. um...your cpu at 60? theres your problem, bet you its overheating.
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