ODD0 Error on New Build with P5KC

I just built a new PC with the P5KC. I am having trouble with it and the optical disks. For a while, I don't think it was even recognizing it. Finally got it to recognize and install Windows. Even so, I am getting a "ODD0" error when posting and have to hit a key to continue on the 1 DVD drive I have installed.

What is the error and how do I get rid of it?

Also, in the bios, I cannot find any details on the DVD drive, except where it is listed in the boot priority. Is there somewhere else I should be able to see it?

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  1. Can anybody help?

    It appears that Windows is not seeing my DVD-R/W drive properly. I cannot write any files to it. Is is listed in the BIOS and device manager as: ATAPI DVD DC 16X8X5 Cdrom Device

    I have also tried to use an add-on IDE card that I had bought, but seem to be having the same problem.

  2. I'm betting it's a failed drive or cable. Try swapping the cable and if that doesn't work your probably screwed.
  3. Not a failed cable or drive. I am confident the drive works since I have the issue with 2 different drives. I have swapped out several cables as well. Definately either a MB or configuration issue. Thanks.
  4. So here is the reply I got from Asus support:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Unfortunately the EIDE port on this motherboard is not a typical IDE port. It works with HDD's but is not compatable with optical disk drives. You will need a SATA DVD/CD burner in the system.

    Best Regards,
    Tim P.
    Asus Tech Support

    A couple of questions:
    - Does it say ANYWHERE in any documentation that optical drives are not supported?
    - Does anyone else have an optical drive hooked up to the EIDE port on the MB?
    - Why am I still getting the error when it is not connected to the MB and is connected to the PCI-Express controller card I added?

  5. WOW. I have heard of this problem, only barely though. I can't tell you where I saw it or what I read, just that people were having a problem with optical drives.

    Answer to #1: I just checked and I couldn't find anything.
    Answer to #2: I bought a SATA drive because I don't want to spend money on an IDE drive that I might want to use in 3 years(and of course IDE will probably gone by then).
    Answer to #2: If you are still getting the error when you are using a totally different controller then you have 1 of 2 scenarios.
    Scenario 1: The justification ASUS is giving might be true, but that's not your underlying problem.
    Scenario 2: It just so happens that your controller and MB use the same 'crappy' IDE chip, so they are both giving you exactly the same problem.

    I'd call them up and cuss them out just for satisfaction, but they can't even help you troubleshoot(assuming their reason for it not working is a big fat lie) because you are having the problem with another controller.

    Something doesn't seem quite right with this. Have you checked out the BIOS's settings for IDE? There's usually a compatibility mode and some other options.

    Just some brainstorming here: Could this be a power issue? Could the 12v rail your plugging your drive into be overloaded? Do you have a spare PSU you can try. Have you tried plugging in your CDROM to a plug other than the one you've been using? Maybe even a different string of wire?
  6. I checked and Scenario #2 is correct. Both the MB and the controller use a JMicron JMB363 controller. If you look closely at the description for the controller card I got, it does not list ATAPI while some other controller cards do. Here is the one I got:

    Here is one with a reference to ATAPI:

    Of course, I have to learn all of this on the fly and without any supporting documentation and little to no explanation elsewhere.

    So, I "chatted" with Newegg to return the controller, including admiting that it was my mistake that it was incompatible with my drives. They refunded my money back and told me to keep the card (it wasn't worth the expense to them to restock it). I immediately put that money back to them and bought a SATA drive which is on it's way. If I sell my old drive, I figure I am Even Steven.

    It isn't worth the trouble I'd have to go through to complain to Asus. Are they going to change their documentation? Will I switch out a motherboard now that I have everything installed?

    Lessons learned:
    - Nothing is as easy as it should be
    - Newegg customer service is amazing
  7. WOW. What's the freakin' odds of #2!? I totally pulled #2 out of my a&& right when I was about to hit post reply! I'm glad you got it straightened out and got what you needed. It sucks that you had to learn this lesson the hard way. I usually can avoid these problems because when I buy a new machine, I pretty much replace everything and sell the old system as a whole with the OS and all. So my 'new' system always has the latest of everything so I don't have to worry about backwards compatibility. O the advantages of being able to blow money on your hobby :P.

    Asus once got me good. They had a motherboard that had just come out at the time with RAID-5 on the motherboard. I wanted RAID-5, but the software RAID-5 for Windows has terrible write performance, and a RAID-5 controller was expensive. But wait! Asus has a motherboard with RAID-5 built in! Great... O wait.. no it's not! Big fat lie. You get it in the mail and surprise surprise, it's a software RAID-5. They use the EXACT same dll's Microsoft used for their RAID-5. I was like "OMG.. what exactly are you selling me if you're basically just saying your selling me a motherboard that supports Windows' built in functionality?" And I paid $60 to get the 'deluxe' version because of the RAID-5 feature. I wasn't too happy, but nowhere in the manual did it say it actually is a software RAID-5. You had to be thoroughly familiar with RAID controller technology and know that hardware RAID-5 will be set up in a BIOS, and software would be set up in Windows. The manual for setting up the RAID-5 says "Step 1. Boot into your Windows XP/2000 OS". I was not thrilled that they did this. They never fixed the manual either.

    Once again I am totally impressed with Newegg. Not the cheapest, but there's a VERY BIG piece of mind if you screw up. Once again I'm not overly impressed with ASUS's customer support and manual writing department. So which motherboard will I be buying in 2 months for my new machine? An ASUS most likely. LOL. Now i'm smart enough to know what games they are playing and I won't waste my time on one of their games again.
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