Random black screens while playing games


I have the following problem for a while now and I've ran out of ideas on how to fix it.

So, while I play games, at random times, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes an hour or more, my screen will become black and unresponsive. Sometimes I'm able to still hear the game sound after the screen goes black, and sometimes I can hear buzzing. The screen doesn't always go black, I can sometimes see, umm, lets say vertical stripes in different colours.

It happens in all games I play (Starcarft 2, League of Legends, Diablo 3..) and it is really really ruining the game experience for me.

Computer configuration is the following:
intel core i3 540 4
GB DD3 1333 MHz
radeon hd 5750 1 GB graphics
Samsun 24'' monitor
Win 7 64 bit windows

The computer is about a year old, and this problem wasn't happening from day one when I bought it.

So far I've tried many things including:
Antivirus scan - nothing was found
Memtest - no errors were found
Temperature checks - all temperatures were ok
Complete driver wipeout and reinstalling - didn't give any results
Motherboard, sound driver updates - didn't give any results
Various Catalyst Control Center tweaks - didn't give any results
Many many other things that I've read in threads where people had similar problem like me and it helped them

I am really running out of ideas and I'd really like to fix this.

Thanks in advance
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  1. seems your graphic card is showing some problems.. not sure.. wait for some more experienced user to comment..
    i would recommend moving this post to graphics section
  2. Seems like you got most bases covered. Temperature is usually the culprit, but in this case it may just be the vid card itself. It sounds like corrupted VRAM.

    I'm not sure if 3DMark still has demo software, but if they do, try it out and see if it blacks out as this will stress your video card.

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