256MB XFX 8600GTS XXX vs 256MB HighTech Radeon X1950 XT

Having looked around, I have got it down to these two cards but am not sure which one would be best for me, I will be building an AMD 64X2 Dual Core 6000 desktop on an MSI K9N SLI Platinum NF570 SLI, S AM2, PCI-E (x16), DDR2 533/667/800, SATA II, SATA RAID, ATX Motherboard.

256MB HighTech Radeon X1950 XT, IceQ3 v2, PCI-E (x16), Mem1800, GDDR3, GPU 650 MHz, 16 Pipes, VIVO

256MB XFX 8600GTS XXX, PCI-E (x16), Mem 2260 MHz, GDDR3, GPU 730 MHz, 2x Dual Link DVI-I/HDTV, HDCP
£139.81 scan.co.uk

Any Advice guys, I'll mainly be wanting to play such games as Bioshock and M.O.H as well as Counter-Strike?

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  1. 1950xt with no question. Probably the best deal on a "midrange" card right now. Tomshardware and i think gamespot did a comparison on graphics cards for bioshock and the 1950xt blew the 8600 away.
  2. Since you're building from the ground-up, why are you going AMD? Doesn't even an overlocked e2160 beat the 6000+ in nearly all benchmarks?
  3. even 8600GTS SUPERCLOCKED XXXXXX AC3 GOES LIKE HELL (lol , combination of all marks ) cant beat a normal X1950XT
  4. Another vote for an x1950xt.
  5. Another obvious vote for the X1950XT
  6. does it need saying? x1950xt all the way
  7. noya,

    you the same noya that posts on the torque report? Just curious.
  8. Im compleatly with Noya about the cpu but yea def 1950xt
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