When i play games my computer shuts down

my computer shuts down when i play wizard 101,Halo and any other game that has been downloaded to my computer
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  1. Dd the system play the games crash free before you made adjustments to make it play better?
  2. Did you recently upgrade the video card without also looking into whether the Powersupply could handle the extra power the new PSU required? -- usually shutting down like that under load is a sign that the system is not getting enough power to remain stable. What Powersupply and system specs are you running? Or it could also be a temperature problem - Have you checked the temps of the system when the shut downs are happening ? if temp related make sure the fans are all working properly and you have cleaned the dust etc. from the system as it can cause heat buildup.
  3. Downloaded?
    Are they pirated or genuine? because I might know the reason.

    If it's not software based, overheating is a possibility.
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