Ok... I just installed windows vista ultimate 32 bit yesterday everything worked fine rebooted like 3 times and it was fine. today i updated my nvidia 8800s driver and when i reboot the loading screen for vista just keeps going. Then i started in safe mode and thing called crcdisk.sys seems to be stopping my bootup. Anyone have any idea what is going on? please people any help is GREATLY apreciated!
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  1. if possible try disconnecting any SATA drives (assumming you got any) I did a search on google and SATA drives seems to be the reason for this error, your drivers probobly need to be updated
  2. i dont mean this sound rude SERIOUSLY. i cant startup? is there other ways update my sata drivers?
  3. Is your vista legal or pirated? If its pirated and you updated you could be screwd.
  4. legal with serial jsut got it yesterday
  5. Have you tried a clean install? Just a thought... and not to sound rude, but I fail to see how this is a SUPER BIG FREAKING EMERGENCY. Unless your computer is monitoring air traffic or controlling a nuclear power plant, I'm pretty sure the world will survive just fine with a few days of downtime.
  6. Cool. Had to Ask as it could of been the problem.

    Can you boot into safe mode?

    If not reformat and dont update the driver you used. Sounds like the wrong one. Make sure you download the right driver and follow the install directions exact.
  7. Since you windows is legal, call MS and see if they have any ideas.

    $400.00 for a os ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. For the price of the os you could have gotten a better grafics card.
  9. dont need better graphics card DO need know how to solve this... i read alot of forums seems alot of people have this problem with vista. some say it's something to do with usbs and some say it's a "undecorated drive/driver"
  10. Since you just installed yesterday, I would reformat and try to reproduce the problem.

    Install each driver one at a time and reboot. Once the problem reoccurs, that'll give you an idea as to what the problem may be.

    If you reformat and it gives problems during the install of Vista, then it would be safe to say that it's a hardware problem of some kind.
  11. I have Vista oem pre edition and once i installed i updated it and low and behold the usb ports would not take anything even when they was fully working before I did the update.
    I did reinstall the OS and worked alright ever since. I have only done the updates I wanted and not set to download and install.

    Hope that helps a little
    Also I cannot get vista to take any new drivers for My PNY 7600gt.
  12. Switch to XP
  13. problem solved. Did what was inevitable since i dont have cd for vista i had reformat harddrive reinstall xp and then reinstall vista on top of that. now everything is fine so far
  14. Vista strikes again. My XP runs flawlessly.
  15. vista sucks...and why didnt u get vista 64????? If ur gonna get vista 32 u should have just bought xp window blinds and used it with ur original xp....there is no 32 is the dumbest os ever.
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