Test computer via usb?

I'm going to USA next week and i'm planning on buying some parts for my pc, I'll buy the whole pc except from the HDD, optical drive and the case.
I wanted to know if someone knows a way to test the computer via usb, or install windows 7 and some bench applications or games to test if its working ok.

Greetings and thanks.
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  1. I think Ubuntu live CDs / usb have an option to test the memory.

    Another option might be Ultimate Boot CD. It seems to be a bootable CD with a variety of tools including CPU tests. I've never used it though.
  2. About the only thing you can do is create a Linux live boot using a USB stick and see if things run. Of course without a case you also need to get a place to setup the power supply and motherboard without shorting everything.
  3. thanks for the help, I think i will have to instal linux in the usb and try to test everything.
  4. If the system can boot from a USB drive then yes you can test the system via USB.

    You can test different operating systems like mentioned earlier linux has a live version you can run straight from the drive.

    Also the already mentioned UBCD is a great recommendation. That has some tools to test hardware.
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