Relationship Between RAM speed and Front Side Bus

I was told (or at least I got the impression) that your ram needs to be running at the same speed as your front side bus, or you will run into a bottle neck. I'm looking into a Q6600, and intend to up the FSB to around 400 mhz (which, I believe, = 1600mhz bus and 3.2ghz clock?). Anyhow, does the ram need to be running at 1600mhz to avoid a bottle neck, or is it 800, or 400, or what? Given that it is double data rate, I'm assuming it needs to run at 800mhz for this bus speed but, again, I'm not sure.
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  1. 1:1 = 400 MHz. DDR makes it 800 MHz.
  2. So the simple version is the (DDR2) RAM needs to be running at twice the speed of the bus?
  3. FSB = quad pumped so 1600mhz = 400mhz
    RAM = Double Data Rate so 800mhz = 400mhz
    and if you cant see 1:1 ratio i cant help ya
  4. I see it, no need to be touchy.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Srry if it sounded like it mate, just throw in a joke
  6. Noticed you said 3.2Ghz in your first post, just wanted to make sure you understood you would actually get 3.6Ghz with a cpu FSB OC of 400Mhz at 1:1 with your memory.

    CPU @ 400FSB x9 = 3.6Ghz, 9 being the CPU's multiplier. To achieve 3.2Ghz, you would need your CPU @ 355FSB.
  7. or use an 8x and 400mhz to get your 800mhz for the RAM
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