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On my mobo (P5K Deluxe) the 12 V CPU Power connection has 8 pins. 4 pins on the left side are capped with a piece of removable black plastic.

My PSU (Enermax) has 2 wires labeled CPU only. One wire has 8 pins and the other wire is split into two 4 pin connectors.

Which do I use? do I use the 8 or just the 4?

The CPU I'm using is the Q6600.

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  1. What does the motherboard manual say?
  2. Well I'm at work and the manual is at home...... Just realized I could get the manual off the the Asus or enermax site. I'll post what I find, in case this can help someone else.
  3. P5k Deluxe downloads are empty on the Asus site.
    But on the enermax site it says to use the two four pins together for Quad Core processors and the 8 for Duo Cores.

    So I guess I'm using the two four Pins.

    Manuals, go figure.
  4. The sounds extermely strange to me...
  5. chookman said:
    The sounds extermely strange to me...

    What sounds strange? Is it that I'm asking a too simple question or that enermax is saying "use the two four pins together for Quad Core processors"
  6. I have the same motherboard with a Q6600. My power supply is an OCZ 700 Watt and I only needed to connect one of the four pin plugs. The capped one was not connected and my system works fine.
  7. Its strange that the enermax has an 8 pin and a dual 4pin for CPU only? too my knowledge there would be no difference would be better off leaving the 8pin off the psu altogether and using the dual 4pin same thing? or so i thought.

    And yes they will still work with 4pin only you just wont have as stable a power as the 8pin.
  8. Dude that's what I thought but the manual says Quad CPU ...

    Well here is the manual look at page 5 with the connectors.
    Let me know.... do they mean 4 physical CPUs? Doesn'nt make sense.

    Why would the board have an 8 pin?
  9. Ok the way i read that ... the 8pin is for DUAL cpus (one in one hand and another in the other hand) The 2x4pin is for stability on single cpu arrangements (generally more power for quad core cpu). I still dont see how there would be a difference in power supply between the 8pin and 2x4pin. That PSU has every connector you could ever dream of
  10. So I'm not reading this wrong, the q6600 is a Quad right? The manual is'nt reffering to 4 physical CPUs (LOL!). So according to the manual I should use the (2x4 8) 12vATX connectors for my Q6600?
  11. Oh you sound like you have more experience than me. Can try both methods without blowing up my mobo or anything?
  12. Either way i cant see you blowing anything up... id stick with the 2x4pin option and plug em both in ;)
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