The scheduled task has been created but may not run because the account informat

The Scheduled tasks that are created in Server are not running as per the schedule. When I tried creating a new one, I was able to run by right click  run option. But when I schedule it’s not working. The tasks that have been created before are not running when the right-click run option is used. I checked the properties security. Where I found that my name was added in group or user name where as it was not present in previously created tasks.
Could some one help me with this?
Thanks a ton in Advance!!
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  1. The tasks are owned by the person who created it. This is why you can set the runas and set password so you can enter the password for the account it should run under.

    If the account doesn't have permission to run it, it will fail. So, make sure the account it is set to run as is an administrator account or another account that has the proper permissions.
  2. hi..
    already existing tasks was created by my senior, but they were running properly in another person's login after my senior left.
  3. When you log in, it runs under the current person login, which is why it works when logged in. When not logged in, it uses the runas for it's account. Did you set the runas along with the password? Please don't say it ran before, because obviously it was running under someones account that had permission to do so. Set the user and password and set the scheduled time for 5 minutes later. Logout and wait 5 minutes to see if it runs on it's own.
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