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I Have a quick quesion for you. Will the normal antivrus like Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, Eset Smart Security will work for the server OS?

Because my problem is i have an old server HP ML150 with Server 2003 on it. It is affected with virus(satan.exe). There is no active antivirus on the server there are some important files are there which i don't want to lose. Also we are going to upgrade our network infrastructure. Soon we will purchase Server edition antivirus. Mean time What i planed is if i install the trial version antivirus on the server for time being, and clean the virus. Will that be helpfull for me???? Give me some sugession please.
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  1. Just check the system requirements for whatever A/V software you want to try.

    If the server is infected, your network is compromised. I hope you disconnected the server from the network immediately after the virus was discovered. I woudn't bother with the A/V either. Just format the drive and restore the system from backups.
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