Sata drives show as IDE in Award Bios

why do my sata drives show up under ide in award bios?
brand new gigabyte board p35 ds3l

thanks for any info.

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  1. Not sure, but they also show as that on my MSI. I don't believe it has any implication on the drive speed/interface, it's just how the bios keeps track of the devices.
  2. there is a setting in the bios to make the sata appear as ide or sata. make sure you change it. I think it has to do with compatability mode.
  3. Yes, there are options to fiddle with. MSI recommends PATA only and to set SATA 1/2 to IDE 3/4. You can enter a combo mode PATA + SATA, but I haven't been able to get it to work properly so I use their recommended settings.
  4. do I understand correctly that you have a Pata (parallel ata?) and Sata (serial ata) both working on the same mother board? I have a dell dimension 4600 P4 with 80GB ata (parallel) and two slots for sata drives on the mother board. want to be sure I can have both working at the same time before I buy a 500gb sata drive. What about power supply for the sata does it take normal power cable used for ata and floppy drives?
  5. Yes both SATA and PATA drives will work if the motherboard has connections for both. The power and data cables are different for SATA. Data cables usually come with the motherboard and data and power cables usually come with retail versions of the disk, but not with OEM. Your power supply may also have SATA power connections. 4 poin Molex to SATA power adapers are available (see
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