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hi everyone, i just built a new computer from parts. by and large, everything is working well, except that my dvd-rom is not reading cds/dvds. power is ok, since the tray opens and closes, and the led blinks. when i double-click, it just asks me to insert a disk, even though i already have a readable cd or dvd in the drive. i know it is readable because i tested it in my other optical drive.

i am running win xp. the component in question is an asus dvd-e616a3t sata dvd drive. my other optical drive, a samsung sh-s203b sata dvd-ram, is working just fine. the bios recognizes both drives as cd/dvd-roms. however, windows explorer seems to think that the asus drive is a removable disk. when i go into device manager, only the samsung drive shows up under "dvd/cd-rom drives"; the asus drive shows up under "disk drives", along with my hard disk.

when i try to uninstall the asus drive in device manager, and try to redetect, it just redetects it as a disk drive again. what gives? how can i force windows to see the asus drive as a dvd/cd device rather than a removable disk drive???

thanks in advance for your advice.
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  1. I am having this same issue with the same dvd drive. I just started having the problem within the last week though. And I am running vista. I am pretty sure it has something to do with a new driver that Microsoft pushed out.

    Is there a way to roll back this kind of driver?
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