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Windows vista start up menu empty

Last response: in Windows Vista
February 1, 2011 5:16:48 PM

left pane of the startup menu is blank. selecting "All programs" all programs are displayed properly. Classic view funtions correctly. In addition "Pin to start up" does not funtion. Properties, customize, internet and e-mail links once selected do not remain clicked. My operating system is Windows Vista
February 2, 2011 6:36:17 AM

Right Click on Taskbar >> Properties >> Start Menu >> Click (MARK) on Store and display recently opened Programs in the Start menu

and also

Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar then you will able to see recent icon on Start bar.
October 6, 2011 1:53:43 PM


In order to fix this problem, follow these steps:
1. Try restarting the computer, and press F8 (the function 8 key) after the BIOS boot screen (Manufacturer splash screen) 2. This should give you the list of (Start Windows Normally, Safe Mode, ETC.) Find the option called “Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure”.
3. Select this option, and continue booting. This will allow you to see the bluescreen for more than a "microsecond."
4. Now insert your Vista DVD in the computer's drive and boot from it (if your computer doesn't boot from it automatically, you'll have to access the for your laptop and select the CD/DVD drive option.
5. Once you boot from the DVD and the windows - like screen comes up, click continue, then Repair My Computer. (Bottom left of the second window.) You should be able to run startup repair from here, and it should recover your operating system to the default state.
You must need to carefully follow the above steps as any wrong step may cause the serious problem with your computer system. As you must need to be little advanced to be work in Windows BIOS, you can download Windows Vista repair Tool which will help you to fix your problem with Windows Vista. You can read the instruction to use this tool on this page:

Just follow the steps provided there to fix your problems with Windows Vista.